June 26, 2022

This 8-Minute Abs Exercise Will Set Your Core on Fireplace

By now, you’ve most likely heard of the well-known 8-minute abs train routine buzzing everywhere in the web and social media.

Even on this world of all the things taking place instantaneously, getting an efficient exercise in eight minutes can really feel like a stretch.

However that’s solely till you see how this 8-minute abs circuit is finished.

And truly, it’s not a model new idea.

The Historical past of the 8 Minute Abs Exercise

The idea of a few-minute abs circuit happened within the mid-90s with successful “8-Minute Abs Exercises’” residence video.

Private Coach Jaime Brenkus, the designer of 8-minute abs, created the unique video.

In a latest interview, Jaime stated that on the time, 60-minute exercises had been way more widespread.

However identical to now, Brenkus knew that individuals had busy lives, and a 60-minute ab exercise can be pushed apart for different issues.

Jaime needed to do one thing totally different.

He needed a exercise health video that may very well be carried out in a a lot shorter timeframe.

So, Brenkus and his workforce filmed the unique 8-minute abs video simply outdoors of the studio.

Little did he know that he would create a revolutionary new train methodology.

Ever because the 8-minute abs video by exercise health teacher Brenkus, the idea of quick, environment friendly, hard-core exercises have turn into fashionable.

And thankfully, the scientific group agrees with Brenkus as effectively.

Analysis has proven that fast-paced HIIT exercises are extremely efficient, and it’s potential to get a full-body exercise and burn physique fats in just some minutes.

Research have additionally proven that whereas half-hour a day of reasonable train is good, it doesn’t need to be carried out directly.

You possibly can soar away from bed and do that 8-minute abs exercise, then get a 10-minute brisk stroll in at lunch, after which take the canine out for a 15-minute stroll after dinner, and you’ll have hit your exercise targets for the day. 

8 Minute Abs Exercise 

Taking the inspiration from the unique Brenkus abs exercise, we made some tweaks and switched up some strikes to stage up our 8-minute abs exercise.

However like the unique Brenkus video, it requires no gear, weights, or health club. All you want is a mat, some open house, and a timer set for eight minutes.

This cardio exercise has 8 body weight strikes and is split into two circuits, consisting of 4 workouts every.

Carry out all 4 actions within the first circuit and take 60 seconds of relaxation earlier than shifting to the subsequent circuit. The problem is to do each circuits in 8 minutes.

I’ve to warn you.

That is most likely essentially the most difficult ab exercise you’ll ever do. And even when you’ve got carried out the unique video, I problem you to offer this one a strive.

our circuit targets all of your ab muscular tissues, together with the decrease abs and obliques. You’ll undoubtedly really feel this one the subsequent day!

However bear in mind, an excellent exercise will not be sufficient to flatten your tummy alone. If you wish to see actual progress, mix this exercise with a food regimen based mostly on entire meals.

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If in case you have additional physique fats, you will want to lose that additional weight so you’ll be able to see the brand new muscular tissues you might be constructing.

Different Nice Choices for Efficient Exercises:

8 Minute Abs Exercise Routine

Watch every video then scroll down previous the illustrations to see the small print on how one can do every train within the 8 min abs exercise.

Then, seize your mat, your timer, and prepare to go!

1. Diagonal Plank

Diagonal Plank - 8-minute abs

This plank variation tightens stomach muscular tissues and builds core energy by difficult your stability.

Workouts that make you’re employed to remain steady, like planks and squats, are implausible for constructing your core.

On this exercise, you’ll create a powerful core by bracing your midsection and squeezing your glutes when you stability on only one foot and are hand positioned diagonally from one another. 

Private Coach Tip: If finishing this transfer within the excessive plank place is just too laborious in your wrists or too difficult at first, you’ll be able to bend your elbows and relaxation in your forearms.

In that model, you’ll maintain the place together with your proper elbow bent and left foot on the mat, then swap sides.

The best way to:

  • Begin in a plank place together with your palms shoulder-width aside on the mat and toes shoulder-width aside.
  • From this beginning place, stroll your legs aside till they’re a bit wider than your hips. Ensure that your hips are lifted, and your physique kinds a straight line out of your shoulders to your heels.
  • Maintaining your torso steady and in alignment, elevate your proper arm up and barely out on the diagonal. On the identical time, elevate your left leg. Maintain this place for 2 seconds, then return to your plank. This completes one repetition.
  • Repeat with the left arm and proper leg. Do two 12-15 reps on either side.

2. V-Crunch

V-Crunch: 8-minute abs workout

If you happen to don’t have a lot time, this abs exercise is a robust train to your decrease physique.

This train is nice at hitting the hard-to-reach decrease abs.

Like the fundamental crunch, you’ll work your frontal abdominis muscle group, also called the six-pack muscular tissues, however by including the V-shape movement, you’ll additionally get the decrease a part of your abdomen.

The best way to:

  • Lie down flat on the ground together with your legs straight and your arms at your sides. Your decrease again must be pressed to the bottom.
  • In a single movement, shortly elevate your torso into an upright place as you pull your knees to your chest. Your arms ought to keep straight, elbows locked, and alongside your thighs.
  • Pause for 1-2 seconds, then slowly decrease your physique again to the beginning place. That’s one repetition. Do as many as you’ll be able to throughout the 20-second mark.

If you’re a newbie and this variation is just too troublesome at first, substitute this with reverse crunches.

3. Down-Canine Cut up-Knee Up

Down-Dog Split-Knee Up 8-minute abs workout

This anaerobic transfer takes inspiration from yoga however has been adjusted so as to add a little bit of cardio to burn some additional energy whereas firming up your abs.

This gentle cardio is a good way to stretch your full physique out of your toes to arms and construct energy in your core. 

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Don’t neglect to breathe by this train to get your oxygen flowing by your physique too. It’s simple to unintentionally maintain your breath in a down-dog, which isn’t what we wish right here.

The best way to:

  • Start in a downward-facing canine. Your palms in your mat, together with your elbows and knees straight. Then increase your proper leg to maneuver right into a down-dog cut up. Pause, then bend your proper knee and pull it towards your brow.
  • Straighten your leg and return to the beginning place. That’s one repetition. Repeat the motion for 10-seconds.
  • Now, swap legs and repeat. Elevate your left leg into the down-dog cut up, and bend your left knee, pulling it in direction of your brow. Repeat the motion for 10-seconds.

4. Facet V-Crunch

Side V-Crunch abs workout

No abs 8 min exercise can be full with out an indirect crunch that hits your facet abs to trim your waistline.

This transfer engages each inside and exterior obliques whereas working your calves, hamstrings, shoulders, and even your arms.

It’s mainly whole physique energy coaching. This transfer is tougher than it appears to be like.

Inexperienced persons can begin lifting and retaining their legs barely off the ground. That alone will give your obliques severe energy coaching.

The best way to:

  • Lie in your proper facet, together with your elbow bent and left hand behind your head and proper hand on the ground.
  • Urgent down into your proper hand, increase your straight legs off the ground and curl your torso towards your legs.
  • Pause for 1-2 seconds, then slowly decrease your self again down with management. Every curl up is one repetition. Full as many as you’ll be able to throughout the 10-second mark. Then swap sides and repeat on the opposite facet.

5. Crunch Chop

Crunch chop: 8-minute abs workout

Here’s a totally different crunch variation that brings some enjoyable to this 8-minute abs routine. Because the identify suggests, it provides an air chop movement on the finish.

In case your health stage is superior, you’ll be able to add a small dumbbell to the transfer so as to add a problem.

Nonetheless, in case you are a newbie, be happy to carry out it with out it. The added weight is one thing that’s utterly non-compulsory.

The best way to:

  • Lie face-up flat in your again. Lengthen your arms above your head, both clasp your palms collectively or maintain the deal with of a single small dumbbell with each palms. Elevate your legs towards the ceiling so your physique kinds a 90-degree angle.
  • Carry your head and shoulders, open your legs, and chop your palms by your at your thighs.
  • Pause for 1-2 seconds, then return to the beginning place. That’s one repetition. Do as many repetitions as you’ll be able to throughout the 20-seconds.

6. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers: 8-minute abs workout

That is one other anaerobic train we integrated into this routine.

Mountain climbers are greatest described as a leg shuffle while you’re in a excessive plank place.

The cardio portion situations you for endurance. Plus, it develops energy in your abs, core, and quads.

Private coach tip: preserve your toes gentle and shuffle them by the repetitions as shortly as potential with out breaking your type.

The best way to:

  • Begin in a plank place together with your arms utterly straight and straight underneath your shoulders. Begin together with your toes shoulder-width aside. Your physique ought to type a straight line out of your shoulders to your ankles.
  • Maintaining your abs engaged, decide up your proper foot, and slowly deliver your proper knee towards your chest. Return to begin. Repeat together with your left facet. Proceed alternating sides for 20 seconds.
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If mountain climbers are laborious in your wrists or shoulders, you’ll be able to alternate with a special exercise, like leaping jacks or burpees.

7. Facet Plank Toe Contact

Side Plank Toe Touch - 8 minute abs workout

These facet toe touches are dynamic facet planks that’ll hit your obliques whereas partaking all of your core.

This train does an excellent job of constructing stability, flexibility, stability, and core energy whereas hitting all of your major goal muscular tissues.

  • Lie in your proper facet together with your legs straight. Bend your proper elbow and prop your self up together with your forearm, so your physique kinds a diagonal line. 
  • Tighten your abs and lengthen your proper leg in entrance of your hip (preserve your knee as straight as potential, solely bending to change if wanted), and contact your toes with the left hand.
  • Do as many as you’ll be able to with out breaking your type inside 10-seconds. Swap sides and repeat.

8. Scissors


This is among the hardest but most enjoyable abs exercises on this circuit.

By elevating each your higher physique and legs off the ground, you interact your total higher torso, together with the decrease stomach.

The best way to:

  • Lie flat in your again. Lengthen your arms, in order that they’re towards the edges of your physique together with your palms face down and urgent into the ground. Elevate your higher physique off the ground so your shoulder blades hover off your mat.
  • Carry your proper leg simply off the ground and convey your left leg to 90 levels, so your foot faces the ceiling.
  • Maintain your higher physique lifted as you turn or scissor your legs to finish one rep. Proceed alternating for 10-20 seconds.

Ultimate Tackle The 8 Minute Abs Exercise

Dropping stomach fats and getting a flat abdomen in the end comes down to 2 issues: Weight-reduction plan and train.

After all, different elements like stress and hormonal adjustments, affect fats loss.

However for those who can create a wholesome consuming plan and train commonly, you’ll be able to tone and flatten your tummy. 

However there is no such thing as a exercise health teacher on the earth that may say doing 100 crunches a day offers you seen abs. 

As a substitute, combine up your workouts to hit totally different elements of your abdominals and adjoining muscular tissues from totally different angles.

This prevents overworking one space and leaving out the others.

Whereas the circuit we now have laid out for you is superb to your abdomen, one other solution to enhance your metabolism is thru mixing in cardio exercises and energy coaching.

For at-home body weight cardio workouts, strive including in periods of leaping jacks, burpees, and short-distance sprints. 

This fast and easy 8-minute abs exercise was designed to include totally different core and stomach strikes to focus on the frontal abdominis, inside and exterior obliques, rectus abdominis, and even your glutes.

Collectively they’ll deliver the firming results round your torso and enhance the aesthetics.

And hopefully, this exercise exhibits how one can get an efficient ab train routine with out health gear or health club entry.

All you want is your physique weight, mat, and simply 8 minutes of your time to tone up your abs. 

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