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When did you last take a little break? Whether you just need a break from your daily routine or would like to do something different on your weekend, we hope to have something that will excite you and give you ideas for a little break away.

We’ve looked at events and places that are happening every couple of weeks across Music and Nightlife, Fashion and Beauty, Food as well as Arts and Culture to give you a wide range of options to choose from.

As well as the places and events that we’ve found we also have reviews and suggestions from readers who have been there, as well as real life little break stories from people that have just come back.

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If you have just been on a little break and would like to feature on the site please let us know, telling us why your trip made a difference to you, what you did and where you went.

Let us know the best places you visited on your trip, the little places away from the usual tourist traps, the local shops where you can find the local specialties, or the latest exhibitions.

So, if you want to tell us your story, or if you’d like to send us feedback or report any problems, just fill in the form below.

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